Without a doubt, heat treatments are the best way to effectively rid your home or business of bed bugs. As the safest, greenest, and fastest way to handle an infestation, it’s no surprise so many Cincinnati and Dayton residents choose heat treatment to kill bed bugs

How does heat treatment work?

During your Heat Rite Pest Pros bed bug removal treatment, our team of specialists distributes high levels of heated air throughout your entire home. As a result, the overall temperature of the home increases to a level where it kills the bed bugs. We ensure this hot air is circulated to all areas of your home. In just one day, all of the bed bugs in your entire home are exterminated.

Why choose heat treatment for bed bugs over chemical treatment?

The main difference between bed bug heat treatments and chemical treatments is the time they take. Bed bug heat treatments take one day, while chemical ones require several days worth of application. Unfortunately, the chemicals can be temporary and do not always kill the eggs. Bed bug eggs can hatch up to ten days after the mother bed bug dies. In order to ensure the bed bugs are really gone, a more intense application in needed. Also, these chemicals can damage your furniture, make your pets sick, and do a fair share of damage to our environment. Heat treatment is the only safe, 100-percent effective bed bug removal that you can count on.

How do I prepare for bed bug heat treatment in my home?

Treatment is fairly easy to prepare for, but there is some work to be done ahead of time. Make sure your pets and plants are out of the home. All flammable and pressurized items should be removed. Unplug all electronics except for major appliances, and be sure to pull all items away from the wall by at least four inches. There are many more guidelines surrounding your clothes, possessions, and air flow requirements, but we provide all the necessary information when you contact us and schedule your treatment.

Give Heat Rite Pest Pros a call today, and we will have those critters gone by tomorrow. Heat treatments save you time, money, and even belongings you may have otherwise needed to discard in order to fully rid your home of bedbugs. We know we can save everything in your home that could harbor bed bugs — in fact, we guarantee it. Reach out to our team now to get started.