Protecting your business is essential for both your bottom line and the safety of your employees. As a result, it can be devastating when a problem arises with pests. Contact us to learn more about the following commercial pest removal services.

WDI Inspections

Are you buying or selling property? Inspecting a property for a bed bug infestation, mice, roaches, and other pests can save you quite a bit of trouble in the long run. We are certified to perform WDI inspections in order to keep you safe. Should we find a problem, we are equipped to handle the issue quickly.

OSP Services

We take precautionary measures around the perimeter of your business property to ensure no pests decide to take up residence within your building. Whether you have an issue or not, we can prevent one from arising.

Monthly Care

From mosquito control to roach elimination, we provide monthly or quarterly pest services. This allows you peace of mind, knowing that your company is protected year-round. Should an issue arise in between our recurring services, we will handle it with no additional charge.

Keep your company, assets, customers, and employees safe with the pest control services of Heat Rite Pest Pros. We specialize in natural bed bug treatment to ensure the problem is eliminated. Eggs, larvae, and adult insects are all gone when we are finished.


As a business owner ourselves, Heat Rite Pest Pros understands the importance of making a good impression, and if an unsightly roach or termite decides to rear its ugly head just at the moment a customer walks through the door, odds are, that customer will not return. Heat Rite Pest Pros offers professional pest control services for businesses in the Dayton and Cincinnati areas. Contact us today!

As one of the most common insects in the world, roaches are a bug you’ll want to eliminate as soon as possible since once they have found a place to call home, they can multiply rapidly. Roaches live in your walls, cupboards, and pantries, and they reproduce like mad. Roaches, similar to rats and mice, are known to carry bacteria that can result in food poisoning, diarrhea, allergies, and skin rashes. When you have a large number of roaches, they can also produce a foul odor. To remove roaches from your business, here are some tips to follow:

  • Identify the problem areas. Glue strips placed in areas where roaches love (behind the refrigerator, under the sink, crevices in cabinets and shelves, closet door corners, bathroom cabinets and closets) will help you to narrow down the heart of the problem and how the roaches are getting in your business.
  • Caulk away. When you find these holes in your business’ walls, it’s best to seal them as soon as possible. Consider caulk, weather stripping, and window seals.
  • Invest in bait. Gel bait is bait that comes in a tube, so you can squirt it under baseboards and in roach-haven crevices. Bait stations are also a good idea. Similar to bait stations with mice and rats, you’ll place these bait stations in popular traffic areas that roaches frequent. These bait stations contain poison that the roaches eat, and then they crawl off to die. One added bonus is that the other roaches will eat their buddies, further killing even more.
  • Boric acid. Boric acid is a low-dose poison that will kill roaches but not hurt larger animals such as pets and children. However, boric acid, being powder-based, has a tendency to be disturbed the elements and wind and rain. Boric acid also is not completely effective in eliminating roaches.

When you tackle a bug that has existed and thrived since the time of the dinosaurs such as the roach, it may be best to call in the professionals. Heat Rite Pest Pro will remove these pesky critters for good from your home, eliminating the middle-of-the-night scares as they scamper across the floor and the squeamish feeling in your stomach when you see one. Contact us today!


Termites are very similar to roaches, but they feed on cellulose, a substance found in wood products and plant materials. This means termites are more likely to live outside your business. However, just because they live outside the business doesn’t mean they don’t cause damage. In fact, these nasty insects can cause more damage because they attack the structure of your business itself.

The good news is termites can be eliminated in much the same way as roaches. Discover where they are living, seal off entry points, and invest in bait. You can use liquid termiticides for killing infestations of termites or termite bait products, especially if you can’t find the source of the termites. If you have both types of infestations, there are pesticide sprays on the market that will work to eliminate both. Remove any standing piles of wood or old stumps in your yard or debris around your business to help eliminate termites both in the present and in the future as well.

Ridding your business of spiders can be a bit tricker. Smart as far as insects go, spiders hide from you as soon as they sense your presence. Being solitary in nature and extremely small, they can slip around almost unnoticed. The best prevention for spiders includes:

  1. Keeping your business clean and tidy. Eliminate hiding places in your business, such as the pile of boxes in the corner, and in your yard, such as wood piles, tall grass, or dead leaves.
  2. Eliminating entry points is an effective means to keep the spider population down. Invest in caulking around doorways and windows.
  3. Keep their food source down: insects. Turn off unnecessary lights, especially at night, that attract insects or invest in motion-sensing lights for security purposes.


It’s important to identify the type of bee and wasp you are dealing with when a colony takes up residence near your business. Bees live in hives, and honey bees are so beneficial to the environment and lately have been in the news for their disappearance, that it is best to call in a professional to remove a whole hive to be relocated. Plus, you really don’t want to be stung by a whole hive of angry bees.

The bumble bee and the carpenter bees are not as noticeable, as the honeybee as they do not build huge hives and, thus, will probably not be a problem for your business.

Wasps, similar to the bumble bee and carpenter bee, live in small groups. However, these guys are aggressive and will sting unprovoked. If you suspect you have a wasp hive on or near your place of business, it should be removed as soon as possible so no one gets stung. You won’t have a repeat customer if one is stung, and due to bee allergies, you may have a lawsuit on your hands as well. There are over-the-counter sprays you can buy to eliminate wasps. However, due to their aggressive nature, we recommend a pest control expert be called in to ensure a safe and effective removal of bees and wasps near and around your business.

Reach out to our team of pest control specialists today to learn more about our pest services and how we can best help you.