Paying your mortgage for you and your family makes sense, but when you have unwanted house guests that are also making a home out of your house, it’s not ideal. Every season of the year there are different types of pests that you need to worry about making their way into your home. In our blog post today, we are going to talk about a few of the pests that you should be keeping an eye out for.

Bed Bugs

As much as we’d like to deny that bed bugs are a part of this list, they unfortunately are. Bed bugs are very small and easy to bring in to your house. Once they’re there, it’s as easy as can be for them to spread. Bed bugs can be picked up in the house of a family friend, a hotel, or any place that sells furniture — so it’s important that you’re cautious of this when you’re spending time in these places.

If you do find bed bugs in your home, which we’ll talk about how to find them in another post, then the only solution is to call a team of professionals. Even your best efforts are likely to leave a few of those bed bugs in the crevices and creases of your furniture and bedding.


This is a very common pest in general, but houses are a perfect place for them to get everything that they need. Food sources to undisturbed spaces are two of the things that most mice seek out when looking for a place to live, and most houses have the two. Pantries provide an excellent food source for mice. Though this space may not be undisturbed, it is food that is sitting and easy for them to access. When they’ve found this food source, it’s then just a space to live in that they need to find.

Basements and attics are great places for mice to call home and just about every house has one of those! Mice are also known for finding their way into the walls of a house and taking up residence there. Either way, these types of scenarios are ones that you’ll need to contact a professional to remove permanently.

If your house backs a field or is in the middle of a bustling city, you may be more prone to have mice in your home than others. Taking preventative actions can help reduce the chances, but it’s best to be conscious of signs at all times.


One of the pests that just about everyone can say they’ve found in their house is spiders. These pests come in all different shapes and sizes and will vary in the level of danger that they could pose to you and your family. That being said, if you’re not sure about a bite or infestation, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Spider infestations are common simply because these pests are able to sneak their way into homes easily. Though they don’t require your leftovers or crumbs to survive, they do find plenty to feast on inside of your home with the help of the webs that they make.

Now, depending on your feelings of spiders, having a few house spiders is not a bad thing. These pests are known for getting rid of flies and other pests that you might find in your home. If you know the type of spider, know that it’s not dangerous for your family, and you don’t mind a few spiders in the corners of your house — then it’s not horrible to have them. We do suggest keeping tabs on the number of spiders however so that you don’t wind up with an infestation.

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