As the owner of a commercial building, the one thing that you always have to be mindful of is pests. Given the amount of foot traffic that these types of buildings offer, it makes sense that pests find their way in easily. It is, however, the abundance of supplies that make it easy for pests to stay in a commercial space. If you’re curious as to what the most common pests in these types of spaces are and how you can best avoid them, continue reading — we can’t wait to tell you!

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If you own a commercial building, then there is an excellent chance that you’ll deal with a mice problem at one point or another. These little guys are known for making their way into commercial buildings that are right in the hustle and bustle of the big cities. So if your business backs an alleyway or you face a busy street, the chances are that you’ve already got one or two that have found their way in — If not more.

When trying to avoid these types of pests, the one thing that you can focus on is removing their source of food. If mice have a way to get food, be it a cafeteria or a dumpster, they’re much more inclined to stay. Do your best to keep tabs on these places and keep them as clean as possible.

Aside from that, make sure that any spaces that aren’t used frequently, like storage closets or mechanical rooms, are checked often. These undisturbed places make for the perfect home and are where the most nests are found. If you’re checking on a routine basis, you know that the space is active enough to not have to worry about mice.


Though they may not seem like one of the more common pests, moths are indeed a pest. They are entirely capable of turning into an infestation and becoming a much bigger problem for you and your commercial space. If you have a building that includes electric, sliding doors, then you can almost guarantee that there has been a moth that’s flown in and made its presence known in your lobby.

These pests are best avoided by turning off outdoor lights if they’re not needed, as well as indoor lights. Any bright light will attract moths, and that will immediately increase the chances of you having to deal with these pests down the road.


As we mentioned before, finding a food source is one of the most important pieces of survival when it comes to pests. Ants are no different, but they’re fortunate in the fact that their food source can be found just about anywhere. From lobbies and desks to break rooms and cafeterias, ants are able to find food that helps them build up an army. Though they are small, they can come in large numbers and make the experience of your guests and employees all the worse.

The best way to ensure that there aren’t any ants taking up residence in your building is to ensure that there aren’t crumbs left behind for them to snack on. We’re all human, and messes are inevitable —  we understand that. But, at the end of the day, having a cleaning crew that comes along and ensures all messes are picked up is something that you can do to drastically reduce the chances of ants surviving in your commercial building.

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